Mission Spec LABS

What is Mission Spec LABs?

We build tons of custom gear here at Mission Spec. There are times when some of this custom gear is left with nowhere to go. Perhaps there is an extra unit due to a contract overrun. Or a proof of concept was built before a final piece. We could leave this gear here in the shop to collect dust or we could get it out to people who will use it. Every piece that comes out of Mission Spec Labs is fully functioning.  We would never sell a piece that isn’t going to function as advertised.  A piece purchased from Labs could be a complete one-off unit (only one exists) or there might be one of several floating around out there.

Currently available from LABs?

Custom chest rig w/ RackStraps-Enhanced – Coyote. NEW

Link to Ebay page

Past items from LABs

None yet

How do I purchase from LABs?

For the time being. Everything offered through Mission Spec LABs will be available on ebay from username missionspec_official. We will be keeping a list of available items here on this page with links to the buy page(s).

What if I want something from LABs but modified?

We love building custom gear. If you see something available here in LABs but you would like a modified version (different characteristics, color, pattern, etc) we would be more than happy to talk to you about it. Likewise, if you see a piece from LABs that has already sold we can certainly build another. Either way, visit our Custom Gear Production service page for more information.

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