Custom Gear Production

Mission Spec is proud to offer our custom gear and gear modification services. Creating custom solutions for your gear needs is half of our business. Please let us know what we can do for you or your department/unit. We will do everything possible to produce the perfect piece of kit according to your specifications. A single unit or a run of hundreds is all within our capability.

Search for #MissionSpecCustomBuild on Instagram or Facebook for hundreds of examples.

Just wanted to say that you nailed it. The sewing is top notch. It works exactly as I pictured it. It is awesome to deal with a company that takes pride in their work. It shows in the piece that you made for me.”


How do I get a quote for custom work?

Use our contact form and send us your specifications.

Custom Patterns

One of our EC2™ plate carriers with ShoulderSavers™ and FlankSavers™ in genuine Germany produced Flecktarn pattern camouflage.
A modified version of our MagRack5™-Lite along with our WingIt™ Kit, RackStraps™ – Enhanced, and a custom “dangler” pouch all produced in 6-color desert (Chocolate Chip) pattern.
A fully customized chest rig designed to house CZ Scorpion magazines along with matching WingIt™ – Kit and customized “dangler” pouch all in DNC (Desert Night Camo).

Armor Carriers

This customer needed a customized armor carrier for the soft armor panels he was already issued. Wolf Grey and designed to natively integrate an industry standard micro chest rig.
It doesn’t always have to be so serious. We have produced numerous versions our EC2™ and other carriers in a Red/White/Blue pattern.
While we can of couse build a completely custom plate carrier. Sometimes it is only necessary to modify one. Here you see an EC2-XL™ (along with ShoulderSavers™ and FlankSavers™) built for 11×14 plates that has been modified to use TUBES quick release buckles between the front plate bag and the FlankSavers.

Custom Modifications

While modifying other companies gear is not incredible regular for us sometimes it can be done. Here we have a Russian made chest rig (American customer) that needed to have all of the flanking pouches (pen flare, frag grenades) removed and replaced with a standard PALS grid so that other pouches could be attached.

Chest Rigs

Running out of ammo is… an option. But not with this rig. The customer need a 16 magazine rig. Note that in one of the front pouches is housed a 100-round SureFire magazine.
The MP5 has been around for a long time and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Here we have a modern rig in MultiCam that will house (6) MP5 30-round magazines. Flanked by two small PALS grids for additional pouches and compatible with our RackStraps™ family of products. Most interesting in this rig is the center split TUBES design for easy entry and exit.


Pouches come in all shapes and sizes and we have pretty much built them all at one point or another. This is our take on the ever more popular “dangler” type pouches that are made to integrate with a plate carrier or chest rig.
More dangler pouches but in this case they are detachable. They integrate the same as other pouches of the type. These specific pieces were designed as medical sustainment pouches for a client.
The Baofeng radios have pretty much proliferated the market in the civilian / airsoft / milsim / prepper community. These pouches are specially designed to fit a Baofeng with an extended battery. It just so happens to also fit several models of flashbangs and distraction devices.
An example of two generic “half zip” GP (General Purpose) pouches in MultiCam Arid. These pouches can be used to fit just about anything.

Adapters and Accessories

Mission Spec produces many accessories designed to integrate with other companies gear. Here we have a custom made skeletonized cummerbung that was designed to work with a customers JPC plate carrier. This retrofit kit installed easy and was non-destructive to the plate carrier.
In this example a customer had a Haley Strategic Patners D3CR-Micro chest rig and a FlatPack that he needed linked. Our PackStraps™ – Enhanced (standard item) was paired with a custom piece (shown below) that horizontally connects the two pieces together while also being elastic and holding 2 rifle magazines per side. The connection interface is TUBES for easy entry and exit of the rig.

More Custom Projects by Mission Spec

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