Irene Adaptive Sling – IAS

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By purchasing the purchaser attests that they possess the necessary training and authorization to properly use this product. The purchaser assumes all liability for events arising from the use of this product and will not hold Mission Spec civilly or criminally liable.


  • One-point fighting mode.
  • Two-point secure mode.
  • Rapid Cinch secure.
  • Extremely Fast.
  • Completely adjustable.


  • A-A-55301 webbing.
  • Acetal Polymer buckles.
  • Steel rifle attachment hooks.
  • 6 ounces.
  • Berry Compliant (see: Berry Amendment USC, Title 10, Section 2533a).
  • 100% U.S.A Designed, Tested and Manufactured.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Main Function

One-Point to Two-Point Conversion – The IAS™ main function is it’s ability to convert from a one-point to two-point sling with extreme ease and speed. While in one-point mode the sling can be converted to two-point mode by simply attaching the front hook to the front sling point on a rifle. At this point the weapon can be rotated onto the users back. Always be aware of what your muzzle is sweeping when rotating the rifle to your back.

Do to the nature of a one-point sling, when in one-point mode the weapon can be fired from weapon side (strong side) or reaction side (weak side) without any problems.

Two-point mode is NOT a “fighting mode”.

Rapid Cinch

For added value, with the yank of one easily accessible pull strap, slack is removed from the sling cinching it closer and secure to the user. When the rifle is needed, release tension on the pull strap by lifting on the Ladderloc with your weapon side hand. The sling will then return to its originally set length, no further. Rotate the weapon back to the users front side (be careful NOT to barrel/muzzle sweep others) unhook the front sling point to return to one-point mode.


A quick detach feature of the entire sling system was a very important function of the design of the IAS since its first days on the drawing board. The quick detach buckle is always located between the two hook points. If the user, for any reason, must extricate themself from the weapon they can do so with a simple squeeze.. The entire sling system including the rifle will then break away from the user. This was incorporated for ‘worst case’ scenario situations such as the user being pinned by his or her weapon (squad car flips over, weapon system is hung up, etc).

During the conversion process from one-point to two-point mode the weapon is secured to the user 100% of the time. If the user releases control of the weapon for any reason it will not fall to the ground. No rifle in the dirt, no impacting optics on the concrete.

Ease of Use

Everything about the function of the IAS is easy and can be mastered with minimal training and repetition. A MASH hook design was selected for the connection points. There are no springs or latches to fail or be overly complicated. When time is life, simple is best. By gripping the hook and squeezing the hooks jaws are opened and ready to be attached or unattached from a weapons sling-point.


The Irene Adaptive Sling™ (IAS) is ready to fit NEARLY any individual. The product will ship in its smallest configuration ready to fit an average person wearing no body armor. If it needs to be sized smaller, the user can remove lengths of the nylon webbing (it is recommended that you re-sear the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying).

99% of individuals will be able to size the IAS by adjusting the tri-glide buckles. Keeping larger individuals in mind (with or without body armor) we have included extra webbing material on the IAS that can be let out. The IAS ships at a length ready to accept an M4 length rifle. This can be adjusted for longer/shorter weapon systems. Adjustment instructions are included with your IAS.


Any situation where a user may need to secure his or her carbine or long rifle while still maintaining the ability for rapid deployment of said weapon.

Law Enforcement: An Officer may need to go ‘hands on’ with a suspect. By employing the function of the IAS, the rifle is no longer between the Officer and the suspect.

Military: During urban operations it may be beneficial to the user to secure their main weapon and draw a secondary when entering buildings or areas with narrow passages. Other scenarios include rendering aid or climbing.

Action Movie Hero: Hacking computers.

Buffer Tube Sling Mount

Included with the Irene Adaptive Sling is a Buffer Tube Sling Mount. The IAS works best when the Static Hook is connected to a sling point at the rear of the receiver. If you do not have a sling point at this position then use the included Buffer Tube Sling Mount.

Instructions for securing the Buffer Tube Sling Mount are included with the IAS. They can also be downloaded in .pdf form here.

We would like to emphasize that a rigid static point connected to the rear of the receiver is the best solution. The included fabric Buffer Tube Sling Mount will work as a temporary solutions for training purposes, however a rigid point is ideal.

How is it different?

The IAS is completely tethered to the user at all times. This includes the time during the conversion process from one-point to two-point mode.

The quick detach system on the Irene Adaptive Sling breaks the entire sling and weapon system away from the user, not just the weapon.

…the Mission Spec IAS, Irene Adaptive Sling, is ahh… is the best I’ve used…
-Cody of Wranglerbarn


The entire sling system is created from military grade buckles, one inch nylon webbing and steel MASH hooks. Webbing and buckles are Berry Compliant (see: Berry Amendment USC, Title 10, Section 2533a).

The IAS is 100% customizable for size and has redundant friction locks at all sizing points.

100% designed, tested, and manufactured in the United State with U.S. produced components.


Q: How old is the IAS.
A: The IAS was first introduced in 2010. Since then thousands of copies have been sold to military, law enforcement, citizens, airsofters.

Q: Why is it named the ‘Irene Adaptive Sling’?
A: The IAS (while in its prototype stage) was first field tested at the Zussman Military Operation Urban Terrain (MOUT) Facility at Ft. Knox, KY during memorial event in honor of those who fell in Mogadishu, Somalia, 1993. Mission Spec saw it only to appropriate to dedicate this sling to those fallen soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Q: Will the IAS work with my MagPul ASAP plate?
A: Yes, with no complications.

Q: Will the IAS work with my MagPul RSA Mount?
A: Yes, with no complications.

Q: Can the IAS be fired from its Two-Point mode?
A: Not in its shipped configuration. Lengths of webbing can be let out to extend the IAS to a larger size allowing 2-Point firing. However, this will make the one-point mode, which is the IAS main battle mode, less functional. Two-Point mode is designed to give the user the ability to use both of his/her hands when they are needed (climbing, rendering aid, going ‘hands on’).

Q: Someone told me that on the range I will not be allowed to transition from one-point battle mode to two-point transport mode. Why is this?
A: Most likely this is true at an open to the public range. Changing modes does increase the likelihood of a barrel/muzzle-sweep situation. However there would be no reason to use the IAS in two-point mode on a range. If practicing transitions from primary to secondary weapons the user should simply drop the rifle to hang and then proceed to transition.

Q: How large of a weapon can the IAS support?
A: The distance between the Static and Dynamic Hook an be expanded to 26 inches. If your weapons mounting points are equal or less than this distance it should be able to be used with the IAS.

Q: I am left handed. Will the IAS work for me? Is it ambidextrous?
A: Yes, the IAS is completely ambidextrous. You will always place your weak/support/reaction arm through the loop that the sling creates. The sling will operate exactly as it is demonstrated in the instructional video on our website but as a mirror image.

Available Patterns

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