Raptor Buckle Gen1

By purchasing this item the purchaser attests that they possess the necessary training and authorization to properly use this product. The purchaser also assumes all liability for events arising from the use of this product and will not hold Mission Spec, LLC civilly or criminally liable.

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The Raptor Buckle

Available in Black, Coyote, Olive Drab.
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Discontinued. Replaced with Gen2 Raptor.

Buckles sizes reference the size of webbing they are made to interface with. A 1.5″ Raptor is made to work with 1.5″ webbing. The indicated size DOES NOT pertain to the overall size of the buckle.

Manufactured by American Direct Fabrication for JBC CORP. in the United States with a Limited Lifetime Warranty from JBC. Currently, Mission Spec is the only retailer where the Raptor Buckle can be purchased as the buckle alone (not attached to another piece of gear).  
Sizes available: 1″, 1.5″, 1.75″, 2″
Colors Available: Matte Black, Coyote Tan, Olive Drab (OD) Green.
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Available for immediate purchase and shipment. Click the ‘Buy it Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ button above. Do It Your Self’ers will recognize the immediate benefits of the Raptor when building their own gear or improving existing gear.

Uses for the Raptor Buckle:

  • War belts, first line gear, battle belt.
  • Plate carriers.
  • Load bearing straps for large duffel bags.
  • Riggers belts.
  • Replacing inferior buckles.
  • Anywhere that plastic will not do.

Safety is what was in mind when developing the Raptor. Both release tabs must be pressed simultaneously to disengage.

Load bearing datasource.
kN rating refers to a looped pull test configuration. A single strand configuration would theoretically hold 50% of the load rating. Both ratings are stamped directly onto the Raptor Buckle.

1″ (25mm) – 1.7oz – 12kN/2,697 lbf. – Pulled to destruction and broke at 16.5 kN / 3,716 lbf.

1.5″ (38mm) – 2.5oz – 18 kN/4,046 lbf. – Pulled to destruction and broke at 27.6 kN / 6,212 lbf.

1.75″ (45mm) – 2.6oz – 18 kN/4,046 lbf. – Pulled to destruction and broke at 24.4 kN / 5,489 lbf.

2″ (50mm) – 2.8oz – 18 kN/4,046 lbs. – Pulled to destruction and broke at 27.6 kN / 6,222 lbf.