MeFak – Mission Essential First Aid Kit

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This item is also available in MultiCam Arid, Kryptek Highlander, and Desert Digital (AOR1). Please contact us if you need these patterns.

By purchasing the purchaser attests that they possess the necessary training and authorization to properly use this product. The purchaser assumes all liability for events arising from the use of this product and will not hold Mission Spec civilly or criminally liable.


The MeFak™ (Mission Essential First Aid Kit) is a tear-away individual trauma pouch. The user can pack whatever supplies are needed for a specific sitution or carry two MeFaks to cover a wider range of wound care scenarios.

Included is the MeFak tear-away pouch and the MeFak base. The base will attach via the included MALICE clips to any PALS/MOLLE compatible gear. When needed, the user can tear-away the MeFak pouch to more easily gain access to the contents inside. Access to the pouch can be obtained through either the top pull tab or the side pull tab (both red in color). If necessary the MeFak can be easily Velcro reattached to the base.

Because the rear of the MeFak pouch is lined with hook Velcro it can also be stuck to any other loop Velcro surface for ease of use if the situation allows.

By using this equipment you attest that you are capable and trained to use it in the manner in which it was designed. Further more you agree to not hold Mission Spec, LLC liable for any damages that may occur.

This item is designed to ‘tear away’. As a result it may be possible for the MeFak™ to become unattached do to impact or other actions. THIS ITEM SHOULD NOT CONTAIN ALL OF YOUR MEDICAL SUPPLIES.

MeFak™ images that display medical contents are only one possible configuration (suggestion) for your medical kit. These contents are not included. You should consult a medical professional if you have any questions regarding the contents of your medical kit.

It is recommended that you carry a tourniquet with your emergency equipment.



  • Tear-away easy access.
  • Two methods for opening the pouch.
  • Velcro backing.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • 500D CORDURA®.
  • Berry Compliant (see: Berry Amendment USC, Title 10, Section 2533a).
  • 100% U.S.A Designed, Tested and Manufactured.


Q: Are the MALICE clips included.
A: Yes, there are 2 MALICE clips included with this product.

Q: Why is there no space for a tourniquet in the MeFak?
A: First, you should carry a tourniquet. However, since a large amount of the tactical gear produced today already has provisions for tourniquet carry we decided the space could be saved in the MeFak. Both the Mission Spec EC2 and AC2 plate carriers have built in provision to carry dual tourniquets. The Mission Spec MagRack series of chest rigs also have these provisions. If you find an additional tourniquet is required for your purposes you can remove the chest seals (not included) and fit a standard Combat Applications Tourniquet (CAT) in the space.

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