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Plate Carriers and Accessories

Essentials Carrier 2 (EC2)

The second version of our Essentials Carrier line. Still ultra light-weight. Now, packed with even more features.
Armor Carrier 2 (AC2)
The even lighter weight cousin of the EC2, this carrier utilizes no standard PALS webbing. Instead, it has provisions for chest rig attachments.
Essentials Carrier 2 XL (EC2-XL)
A larger version of the Essentials Carrier 2. Supports XL sized (e,x)SAPI armor plates. Also features more PALS area for modular attachements.
Gibborim Plate Carrier™ – Medium
designed as a high mobility armor plate carrier. Perfect for confined interior spaces such as vehicles. Internal strap adjustment leave less to get hung up or caught on.
ShoulderSavers mk3
Shoulder Savers mk3
The third generation shoulder pad developed for the Mission Spec EC2. Fits most plate carriers. Moisture wicking, closed cell foam, cable management.
A drop in solution for adding side armor protection and additional PALS webbing to your EC2, AC2, or EOC plate carrier.
EC2 Strap Kit
EC2 Strap Kit

This kit allow for the addition of PALS/MOLLE support and elastic comfort side straps to your legacy EOC plate carrier.
Rigit Kit
Rigit™ Kit

Acts as an interface between PALS and a chest rig using standard buckles for attachment. Also offers a stable loop base for hook backed rigs and panels to ahere to.
MagRack 5

A light weight 5.56mm ammo carrying solution. Provisions for 3 STANAG magazines and 2 ‘wings’ of laser cut PALSsections for MOLLE pouch attachment.
MagRack 5-Lite

A slimmed down version of the original MagRack5 chest rig by Mission Spec.

Designed to horizontally stabalize chestrigs when mounting to plate carriers. Can also be used to replace cummerbunds on select plate carriers.
Custom Gear
Custom Gear

Mission Spec can build your custom gear or implement a custom modification into an already produced Mission Spec product.