MagRack5 – Lite

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The MagRack5™-Lite is the slimmed down version of the original MagRack5™. Designed to carry the same 3 STANAG type magazines (5.56mm) as the larger version but lacks the laser-cut ‘PALS’ wings.

The MagRack5-Lite can be used as a stand-alone ammunition carrier with the Mission Spec RackStraps™ (RackStraps-Standard or RakcStraps-Enhanced: more info to right) or integrated into a plate carrier such as the Mission Spec EC2™ or AC2™. A hook Velcro field (with cover) on the rear of the MagRack5-Lite allows it to ‘stick’ to compatible plate carriers.

The MagRack5-Lite is fully compatible with the Mission Spec FlankSavers™ (see pictures).

Available Patterns

Don’t see the pattern you want? Ask us. We build custom patterned units.
Patterns available now:

Crye MultiCam

MultiCam Arid

MultiCam Tropic

MultiCam Black

Kryptek Highlander

Kryptek Typhon


Coyote Brown

Kryptek Mandrake

Custom patterns below. Please contact us for details. Don’t see the pattern or color that you need? Let us know. We like a challenge.

M81 Woodland

Desert Digital

M81 Woodland


Olive Drab


Kryptek Mandrake




Crye MultiCam, MultiCam Black, MultiCam Tropic, MultiCam Arid, ATACS LE, ATACS AU, ATACS FG, Grey, Olive Drab (OD), AOR2, Black, Coyote Brown, M81 Woodland, Desert Digital (comparable to AOR1 pattern), Ranger Green, Red, Kryptek; Highlander, Typhon, Mandrake.


MagRack5-Lite Pic MagRack5-Lite Pic MagRack5-Lite Pic MagRack5-Lite Pic MagRack5-Lite Pic MagRack5-Lite Pic MagRack5-Lite Pic



  • Includes pouches for 3 STANAG 5.56mm type magazines.
  • Dual tourniquet holders.
  • Dual underside 550 cord loops for chem-light storage.
  • Elastic mag retention.
  • Compatible with HSP MP2 Magazine Inserts.
  • Rear hook Velcro field (with cover) for plate carrier integration.
  • Top horizontal polymer buckles can be attached straight out or at 45-degrees depending on stand-alone or carrier integrated use.
  • (2) QASM buckles included for plate carrier integration.


  • 1000D CORDURA®. (MultiCam; Arid, Tropic, Black 500D).
  • A-A-55301 Spec webbing.
  • Industry standard ITW buckles used.
  • Berry Compliant (see: Berry Amendment USC, Title 10, Section 2533a).
  • 100% U.S.A Designed, Tested and Manufactured.

RackStraps™ Options

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