Legacy Items

Legacy products are items that have been discontinued as a standard stocking item usually because they have been replaced by a new version. Mission Spec still allows customers to purchase some Legacy Products but you must contact us first. These items are usually treated as a custom build since they do have to be built out-of-batch. Customization fees usually apply.

Essentials Only Carrier (EOC)
An extremely light weight option that offers the user [up to] level IV rifle rated armor protection (armor not included). Concealable and adjustable. This item was fully replaced by the EC2 on 12/1/17 and entered Legacy Status..
Essentials Only Carrier XL (EOCXL)
A larger version of the Essentials Only Carrier. Supports XL sized (e,x)SAPI armor plates. Also features more PALS area for modular attachments.
Llama Pack (Long-Range Low-Profile Adaptable-Mission)

A versatile pack with the capability to serve as a large assault pack or patrol pack. Excellent gear management for military, Law Enforcement, and civilian use.
Shoulder Savers mk2

The second generation shoulder pad developed for the Mission Spec EOC. Fits most plate carriers. Moisture wicking, closed cell foam, cable management. This item was fully replaced by the ShoulderSavers mk3 on 12/1/17 and entered Legacy Status.
Custom Gear
Mission Spec can build your custom gear or implement a custom modification into an already produced Mission Spec product.

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