Gibborim Plate Carrier – Medium |

Gibborim Plate Carrier – Medium

By purchasing this item the purchaser attests that they possess the necessary training and authorization to properly use this product. The purchaser also assumes all liability for events arising from the use of this product and will not hold Mission Spec, LLC civilly or criminally liable.

Gibborim Plate Carrier

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Gibborim Plate Carrier Gibborim Plate Carrier Gibborim Plate Carrier Gibborim Plate Carrier Gibborim Plate Carrier Gibborim Plate Carrier Gibborim Plate Carrier Gibborim Plate Carrier Gibborim Plate Carrier Gibborim Plate Carrier

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  • Ultra-light weight.
  • Concealable
  • Cummerbund compatible with PALS/MOLLE attachment system.
  • Ready for integration of industry standard chest rigs (QASM buckels needed).
  • Rear plate bag can be independently raised to properly fit user.
  • Spacer mesh against the users body for moisture wicking, improved airflow, and heat dissipation.
  • ITW Nexus IR Signature Reduction buckles (excluding black).


  • 1000D CORDURA® (MultiCam; Arid, Tropic, Black 500D).
  • 21.8 ounces.
  • Fits Medium (e,x)SAPI armor plates.
  • Berry Compliant (see: Berry Amendment USC, Title 10, Section 2533a).
  • 100% U.S.A Designed, Tested and Manufactured.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Intent of the Gibborim Plate Carrier™

The Gibborim Plate Carrier™ by Mission Spec was designed as a high mobility armor plate carrier. All shoulder strap adjustments (length and angle) are retained inside of the rear plate bag. This feature makes the Gibborim perfect for confined interior spaces such as vehicles (mounted patrols, law enforcement vehicles) as there is very little to get caught or hung up on.

The infinitely adjustable shoulder straps can be made to perfectly fit a users broad or sloped shoulder.

The Gibborim is ready to accept industry standard chest rigs such as the MagRack5-Lite™ also built by Mission Spec.

Rear Plate Bag Height Adjustment

The Gibborim Plate Carrier has the ability to raise the rear plate bag in order to properly fit more individuals. This is accomplished by changing the position of the male ITW side squeeze buckles on the front plate bag. Moving these two buckles up or down will change the ride height of the rear plate bag. Your plate carrier should arrive with the cummerbund attached to the top available positions on the front plate bag. If you would like to configure your carrier to have the front and rear plates ride at the same height you will need to manipulate the connection points of the male ITW buckles. That is to say they can be removed and reattached to different elastic anchor points on the plate bags.

‘Wings’ Size Adjustment

The side mounted QASM buckle can be removed and reattached to the surface of the ‘wings’ of the plate carrier. This is your overal size adjustment.


While front and rear plate bags lack a tradtional PALS/MOLLE grid we have included one on both of the plate carriers ‘wings’. Here you can attach necessary gear such as medical. See our MeFak™ if you need a medical pouch. Mission Spec does offer a customization service. If you need a PALS grid please click here and let us know.


Armor is not included with this product.
Designed to fit a Medium (9.5″ x 12.5″) Shooters Cut (e,x)SAPI plate.
Will fit the DKX M3 10×12″ Shooters Cut plates.


Q: Will the Gibborim Plate Carrier fit AR500 brand armor?
A: Yes, as long as it is not rectangular and is ~10×12″. AR500 armor is usually much thinner than a SAPI plate so there will be some extra space in the plate bag. However, due to the Gibborim Plate Carriers “sandwhich” style of plate bag there should be no issue if there is a little extra space left over.

Q: What armor do you recommend for the Gibborim Plate Carrier?
Mision Spec carries the DKX line of armor. The 10×12″ Shooters Cut M3 (ultra-light weight and buoyant) armor plates are ideal for the Gibborim PC.

Q: Will the Gibborim accept a chest rig attachment?
A: Yes, see compatibility list above.

Q: Is the Gibborim a fully US produced product with US sourced components?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Can I use my mk2 ShoulderSavers™ with the Gibborim instead of the mk3?
A: Yes, they are fully compatible.

Q: Can I use FlankSavers™ from my EOC, EC2, or AC2 plate carrier?
A: No, the FlankSavers are NOT compatible with the Gibborim Plate Carrier.

Q: Why is there no PALS/MOLLE grid on the front and rear plate bag?
A: The idea of this carrier is to be as minimal as possible. Ammo storage can be accomplished with an attached chest rig such as our MagRack5-Lite™. The rear does not have a PALS grid to make it easier to wear a traditional backpack without snagging. Mission Spec does offer a customization service. If you need a PALS grid please click here and let us know.

Available Patterns

Don’t see the pattern you want? Ask us. We build custom patterned units.
Patterns available now:

Crye MultiCam

MultiCam Arid

MultiCam Tropic

MultiCam Black

Kryptek Highlander

Kryptek Typhon


Coyote Brown

Kryptek Mandrake

M81 Woodland

Custom patterns below. Please contact us for details. Don’t see the pattern or color that you need? Let us know. We like a challenge.

M81 Woodland

Desert Digital


Olive Drab


Kryptek Mandrake




Crye MultiCam, MultiCam Black, MultiCam Tropic, MultiCam Arid, ATACS LE, ATACS AU, ATACS FG, Grey, Olive Drab (OD), AOR2, Black, Coyote Brown, M81 Woodland, Desert Digital (comparable to AOR1 pattern), Ranger Green, Red, Kryptek; Highlander, Typhon, Mandrake.

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