Gibborim Gun Belt – Loop Upgrade

We have made a simple design change to the Gibborim Gun Belt™ that, in our opinion, makes it a better product. Instead of only allowing future customers to receive this benefit we would like to extend this upgrade, free of charge, to all of our customers who have already purchased a Gibborim Gun Belt™.

This is not a recall

Your belt is not defective or dangerous. If your belt is working fine for you then there is no reason to do anything further.

What is the change?

The design change (or modification for an existing Gibborim Gun Belt™) consists of a single elastic band sewn in to capture the tail of the belt if it is not long enough to reach your first belt loop. All Gibborim Gun Belts™, built from here on, will already have this design changed implemented.

Gibborim Gun Belt Upgrade

What do I need to do to take advantage of this?

Step 1

Download this .pdf. Print it. Fill it out, legibly.

Step 2

Mail your Gibborim Gun Belt™ and the form from step 1 to the following address:

Mission Spec
Gibborim Upgrade
1403 W 23rd Street
Lawrence, KS 66046

Step 3

Sit back and wait. We will cover the return shipping fee (domestic only, international customers please contact us for isntructions). We are aiming for a maximum of 2 weeks (including ship time) until your Gibborim Gun Belt™ is back in your hands.


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