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The LinkIt™ can provide many solutions. The original design intent was to stabilize chest rigs when mounting to plate carriers. The unsecured portions of the chest rig will often “flop” resulting in noise and reduced movement efficiency. It was quickly discovered by designers that the LinkIt™ could also be used (in many cases) to completely take the place of a plate carrier’s cummerbund system. Offering the user a low profile, low weight, super breathable securing method. Early versions of the LinkIt have been produced by Mission Spec on a custom request basis for many years. It was decided in 2022 to standardize the design and make it available as a standard Mission Spec product.


  • Four points of contact to your chest rig.
  • Quick detach side squeeze release.
  • Elastic construction allows for easy breathing.
  • Compatibility across a large portion of the chest rig market.
  • Multiple uses.
  • Rear attachment can be installed under pouches allowing PALS/MOLLE grid to still be fully utilized.


The LinkIt™ is compatible with a large portion of the chest rigs on the market. As long as your rig utilizes side buckles compatible with the ITW NEXUS GTSR pattern. See compatibility list below.

Buckle compatibility list (not a comprehensive list)

  • ITW GTSR 810-1057
  • ITW GTSR 810-1070
  • ITW GTSR Split-Bar 810-1064
  • ITW GT QASM 810-1076
  • Nat’l Molding/DuraFlex Quik Attach MOLLE Web Mount Buckle 9379
  • Nat’l Molding/DuraFlex Mojave Side Squeeze 5001
  • Nat’l Molding/DuraFlex Quik Attach Mojave 8478
  • ACW MSR style

Chest rig compatibility list (not a comprehensive list)

  • All of the Mission Spec MagRack™ line
  • Haley Strategic D3CR, D3CRX, D3CRX Heavy, D3CR-M
  • Spiritus System Micro Flight
  • Spiritus Systems The Thing 2
  • Spiritus Systems Bank Robber Chest Rig
  • Spiritus Systems Placard 5.56 x 45 (after adding side buckles)
  • Makers of the non Mission Spec items above have not endorsed the LinkIt™. Contact your chest rig producer as the final authority on compatibility.

Included with Kit

  • x2 Complete LinkIt™ Retention Devices.
  • x4 ITW Split-Bar Female Buckles.
  • x4 ITW QASM Female Buckles.
  • x4 ITW Latch Male Buckles (installed on device).


  • A-A-55301 Spec Webbing.
  • Acetal Polymer Buckles.
  • 1/8? Elastic Shock Cord.
  • Berry Compliant (see: Berry Amendment USC, Title 10, Section 2533a).
  • 100% U.S.A Designed, Tested and Manufactured.
  • Weight: 2.8 ounces (2 retention devices).
  • MilSpec components only.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Q: How tight should the LinkIt™ be when using it to secure my plate carrier as a cummerbund replacement?
A: Generally, with any cummerbund on a plate carrier you want it as tight as it can be without restricting your breathing. You should be able to take an unrestricted deep breath. Use this same method when determining how tight your LinkIt™ should be installed.

Q: My LinkIt™ has to long of a “tail” of elastic shock cord. What do I do with it?
A: You have 2 options. After the Cordloc and overhand knot you can either wrap up the remaining shock cord and stow it inside the PALS/MOLLE grid or cut off the remaining portion and heat sear the edges to prevent fraying.

Q: What plate carriers are the LinkIt™ compatible with?
A: This is a difficult question as there are so many. You have 100% compatibility with Mission Spec EC2 and AC2 plate carriers. Any other carrier will work as long as it has a PALS grid on the rear plate bag (for replacing the cummerbund) or on the existing cummerbund (for securing and stabilizing a front mounted chest rig).

Q: What if I need to vertically secure my chest rig to the front plate bag but my plate carrier doesn’t have these built in provisions?
A: This is the perfect job for our RigIt™ Kit.

Available Patterns

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