Plate/Armor Carriers by Mission Spec

Essentials Carrier 2 (EC2)

The second version of our Essentials Carrier line. Still ultra light-weight. Now, packed with even more features.
Plate carrier accessories below. AC2
Armor Carrier 2 (AC2)
The even lighter weight cousin of the EC2, this carrier utilizes no standard PALS webbing. Instead, it has provisions for chest rig attachments.
Essentials Carrier 2 XL (EC2-XL)
A larger version of the Essentials Carrier 2. Supports XL sized (e,x)SAPI armor plates. Also features more PALS area for modular attachements.
Gibborim Plate Carrier™ – Medium
designed as a high mobility armor plate carrier. Perfect for confined interior spaces such as vehicles. Internal strap adjustment leave less to get hung up or caught on.

Plate Carrier Accessories by Mission Spec

ShoulderSavers mk3
Shoulder Savers mk3
The third generation shoulder pad developed for the Mission Spec EC2. Fits most plate carriers. Moisture wicking, closed cell foam, cable management.
A drop in solution for adding side armor protection and additional PALS webbing to your EC2, AC2, or EOC plate carrier.
EC2 Strap Kit
EC2 Strap Kit

This kit allow for the addition of PALS/MOLLE support and elastic comfort side straps to your legacy EOC plate carrier.
  Rigit Kit
Rigit™ Kit

Acts as an interface between PALS and a chest rig using standard buckles for attachment. Also offers a stable loop base for hook backed rigs and panels to ahere to.

Chest Rigs and Chest Rig Accessories by Mission Spec

MagRack 5

A light weight 5.56mm ammo carrying solution. Provisions for 3 STANAG magazines and 2 ‘wings’ of laser cut PALSsections for MOLLE pouch attachment.
™ (Standard and Enhanced models) Chest Rig straps compatible with most industry standard rigs including the MagRack5 line.
MagRack 5-Lite

A slimmed down version of the original MagRack5 chest rig by Mission Spec.
™ (Small and Large)
Adds a 3×3 PALS/MOLLE grid to most industry chestrigs without wasting space at the interface point.
™ – Enhanced
Padded straps that interface with many industry backpacks that utilize a 1.5″ webbing lockup to connect. Based on our RackStraps-Enhanced product.

Pouches by Mission Spec

MeFak™ Mission Essential First Aid Kit

A tear-away individual trauma pouch. Mounts directly to PALS/MOLLE compatible surface.
Sherpa Mag Pouch

A 4-mag pouch designed specifically to work with the CZ Scorpion 9mm magaizines. Multiple carry and retention options. Built by Mission Spec for YetiWurks.

Rifle Slings by Mission Spec

Irene Adaptive Sling
Irene Adaptive Sling (IAS)
A one to two-point adaptive sling for your carbine length weapon. Offers full range of motion as a one-point sling then completely cinches rifle to users back.
  Mission Spec Two Point Sling
Mission Spec Two Point Sling (M2P)
Primarily a two-point adaptive sling to fit several mission profiles. Three carry positions greatly increases the usability of the M2P.

Belts by Mission Spec


Designed as the ultimate Every Day Carry (EDC) belt featuring an ultra-stiff nylon core wrapped in abrasive resistant 1000D CORDURA® fabric. Multiple Buckle Options.

Targets by Mission Spec

RTCA1319 Target
Reference Target Chart A (RTCA131901)

Fundamentals shooting target. 13×19″, 70# stock. 100-pack, glue-bound.

Novelty Items by Mission Spec

Spec Warfare Coloring Book
The Spec Warfare Coloring Book

Depicting a more realistic snapshot of how our nation’s premiere warfighters appear, operate, and train while supporting a charity that benefits US Veterans.
  FidoHold Dog Collar
FidoHold™ Dog Collar

A canine collar that comes equipped with an 8 gauge steel D-Ring and is built from A-A-55301 spec materials. Available in multiple camouflage patterns.
Mission Spec Patch
Mission Spec Patch

Hook backed 3″ X 2″ morale patch featuring the trademark ‘M’ of Mission Spec ready for your uniform, bag, or plate carrier.

Services by Mission Spec

Custom Gear
Custom Gear

Mission Spec can build your custom gear or implement a custom modification into an already produced Mission Spec product.


Legacy Products

Legacy products are items that have been discontinued as a standard stocking item usually because they have been replaced by a new version. Mission Spec still allows customers to purchase Legacy Products but you must contact us first. These items are usually treated as a custom build since they do have to be built out-of-batch. Customization fees usually apply.

Essentials Only Carrier (EOC)
An extremely light weight option that offers the user [up to] level IV rifle rated armor protection (armor not included). Concealable and adjustable. This item was fully replaced by the EC2 on 12/1/17 and entered Legacy Status..
  Shoulder Savers mk2
Shoulder Savers mk2
The second generation shoulder pad developed for the Mission Spec EOC. Fits most plate carriers. Moisture wicking, closed cell foam, cable management. This item was fully replaced by the ShoulderSavers mk3 on 12/1/17 and entered Legacy Status.
Llama Pack
Llama Pack
(Long-Range Low-Profile Adaptable-Mission)
A versatile pack with the capability to serve as a large assault pack or patrol pack. Excellent gear management for military, Law Enforcement, and civilian use.
Essentials Only Carrier XL (EOCXL)
A larger version of the Essentials Only Carrier. Supports XL sized (e,x)SAPI armor plates. Also features more PALS area for modular attachements.

Third Party Manufactured Items

Mission Spec will always produce our own gear. However there are a few items, listed below, from other manufacturers that we want to offer to our customers.

DKX M3 Armor Plate
DKX M3 Body Armor

NIJ Certified Level III balistic rifle plate rated for multi-strike, is buoyant (floats), and only weighs 2.9 lbs.
  DKX M7X Armor Plate
DKX M7X Body Armor

NIJ Certified Level III Plus Stand-Alone rated for multi-strike, special threat tested, and neutrally buoyant.

Do-It-Yourself Components

Items to help you build your own gear.

Raptor Buckles Gen2
Raptor Buckles Gen2

A load bearing 7075 Aluminum buckle used for rugged gear usually of a ‘tactical’ nature. Berry Compliant product. Made in the USA.
  MASH Hooks
MASH Hooks 1″

The MASH Hook (Multi All-purpose Snap Hook) brings a simple solution and design to a sometimes over thought group of products. Berry Compliant product.
Raptor Buckles
Raptor Buckles Gen1

A load bearing 7075 Aluminum buckle used for rugged gear usually of a ‘tactical’ nature. Berry Compliant product. Made in the USA.
  ITW Nexus Plastic Components
ITW Nexus Components

ITW Nexus components are extremely high grade polymer products designed for battlefield use. Berry Compliant. Made in the USA.

Mission Spec will continually bring new, innovative, and improved products to the market.  We are very pleased to be a part of the tactical design community.

Mission Spec Development Principles:
1. Function over form.
2. Solve a problems or create an option.
3. Design, test, manufacture in the United Sates with US sourced components.