Essentials Only Carrier (EOC)
“I could not be happier with your product! Great ordering process and the carrier looks tough as nails.” -Dave

Irene Adaptive Sling (IAS)
“…good quality at a great price.. The rest is as they say history.” -Tony

“Given my focus on active shooters, the need to transition to a two point sling when going to a rescue role is pretty important.”-Garrett

“You guys have put together a rugged product that has an incredibly high functionality, with an incredibly low profile, and price.” -Steven

“I love it.  It works as advertised with no flaws.” -Jeremiah

“…one thing that really appealed to me is when I go from one point to two point, there is no possibility of dropping my gun.” -Benson

“Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes I would…” -Joshua

Mission Spec Two Point Sling (M2P)
“I’ve used several different slings over the years on my Bushmaster M4A3 and so far, this is my overall favorite…” -Mark

“Better control when carrying. The ability to shorten the sling to snug the rifle against your body while carrying prevents the rifle from swinging and bumping body parts while running. The M2P is truly practical for hands-free carry. With the quick release, you can return to action-ready as fast as you can swing the rifle up to aim.” -Mark

Custom Work
“You guys went the extra mile … and you’ve absolutely earned a lifetime customer.” -Valentine

“Just wanted to say that you nailed it. The sewing is top notch. It works exactly as I pictured it. It is awesome to deal with a company that takes pride in their work. It shows in the piece that you made for me.” -William

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