Mission Spec understands the importance and value of a lifetime customer and we are willing to work hard to obtain that.  We don’t want to establish a monologue with You.  We want a dialog between us (designer) and you (user).  Tell us what you think.  Let us know your concerns.  Other companies have an ‘About Us’ section.  Instead, we this of this as an ‘About You’ section.  Let’s get this conversation started!

The Most Important Part of our Business… You!

Military Mission Spec products are designed to handle the battlefield.  To give you an edge.  Products are tested through the harshest conditions we can simulate.  COL. Danny R McKnight (Ret.) once told the owner of Mission Spec “The United States… the greatest Country in the world.  Definitely not perfect but way in front of whatever is second.”  We agree and believe that the United States would not be what it is without you and we thank you for your service.
Law Enforcement – What can we say to those who put themselves in harms way on a daily basis other than “Thank You”.  Be assured that you are always on our mind when designing new products.
Civilian – The Second Amendment is a wonderful thing.  Even though we do not manufacture weapons we are proud to be able to supply support accessories to the civilians of the Country we so love.
MilSim – There is no group of athletes more particular about their gear than todays Military Simulators and Airsofters.  We are extremely proud that the MilSim community has taken such a liking to our flagship product the Irene Adaptive Sling.  We recognize MilSim and Airsoft, not only as an exceptional sport, but also an extremely viable method of training and interrogating your gear.  We understand that if it works for the real world user then it will work for the simulators and we are only to happy to provide these individuals with the gear they need to perform.
 USA – All Mission Spec products are Designed, Tested and Manufactured in the United States of America with US sourced components.

Our Mission and Our Plan

Support those on the Ground.  How do we plan to accomplish this?
1. Listen to the individual user and solving his/her tactical gear problems.
2. Develop gear that gives the user more options.

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