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Mission Spec Releases Four New Products Just Before Shot Show

As we move into Shot Show 2018, Mission Spec is releasing four new nylon products – available immediately.

The MagRack5™ chest rig supports three 5.56mm magazines and two laser-cut PALS wings for attaching other essential items such as pistol ammunition, radio, or IFAK. Magazines are bungee retained. Magazine pouches are fully compatible with Haley Strategic MP2 Mag Pouch Inserts.  The MagRack5 also comes equipped with two tourniquet holders and a loop Velcro field for identification.  The unit can be used as a stand-alone piece of gear with the aid of the RackStraps™ (either Standard or Enhanced model) or can be integrated into a plate carrier such as the Mission Spec EC2™ or AC2™.  The top horizontal GTSR buckles can be moved between the 90-degree and 45-degree positions for better integration options between plate carriers and RackStraps, respectively. Dual 550 cord loops hang under each outer magazine pouch for chem-light storage. A 7.62mm version (MagRack7™) is scheduled for release later in 2018.

The RackStraps™ integrate with the MagRack5 or other industry standard chest rigs.  The Standard model offers a low profile and less expensive option while the Enhanced model gives the user the added benefit of closed-cell foam padding and airmesh to reduce shoulder fatigue.

The Armor Carrier 2 (AC2)™ is an even lighter weight version (~22.8 ounces) of the Mission Spec Essentials Carrier 2 (EC2)™.  Removing the standard PALS grid and replacing it with loop Velcro makes the AC2 a great plate carrier choice to integrate with a chest rig (such as the MagRack5 or other industry standard rigs).  All other features are identical to the Mission Spec EC2.  The AC2 is fully compatible with other Mission Spec accessories such as the ShoulderSavers™ mk3 and FlankSavers™.

CAPTION: “Shown with Mission Spec ShoulderSavers mk3.”

All four items are available in a large variety of solid colors and camouflage patterns. All Mission Spec items are 100% designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States with US-sourced components and are Berry Compliant.


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