Press Release – Mission Spec Releases New Line of Targets

Mission Spec has made available their new Reference Target Chart – A (RTCA).  The A model is the first to be released in the RTC line.

About the target

The RTCA is currently available in a 13×19” configuration on 70# stock.  Each 100-target pad is glue-bound on the top edge for easy management at the range. Targets are delivered unfolded and roll-free in a reusable storage box with Velcro closure. This product is printed in the United States on US-sourced paper.  Each sheet features a total of 18 individual targets (12 bisected 3” target circles and 6 bisected 1” target circles). A faint 1″ grid covers the entire target area for easy reference.

Intent of the target

The RTCA was designed as a fundamentals target.  By using relatively small targets the user is encouraged to shoot as accurately as possible. After the desired accuracy is achieved, the shooter can increase distance or speed to surpass their failure point. It is the duty of all who carry a firearm (civilian or law enforcement) to ensure the highest level of accuracy as every missed shot represents a supersonic liability.

By bisecting each circle target into two halves the shooter is confronted with an amount of asymmetry in an otherwise symmetrical target.  Further difficulty can be achieved by only striking a desired half of each circle.

Instructors will find use for the RTCA in their classroom by being able to call an individual target circle for students to engage as well as a certain portion of the target.  With half of the 3” targets being numbered and half being lettered the instructor can also introduce a small amount of mental processing for the students by declaring all numbered targets as grey area targets and all lettered targets as black area targets.×19-rtca1319/

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