The IAS in MilSim

We are continually surprised and pleased to see what an impact that Irene Adaptive Sling (IAS) has made on the world of MilSim and Airsoft.  If there was any type of sportsman (or sportswomen) out there that demands their gear be more functional and able to stand up to more abuse it is the Military Simulation crowd.  That is why we are always extremely happy to see reviews of the IAS conducted by Airsofters and MilSim’ers.

Currently Mission Spec has several Airsoft Retail Dealers in the United States:
Trinity Airsoft
Parafrog Airsoft

This particular review was conducted by the guys over at Airsoftology (.com).  Skip ahead to 41 minutes 15 seconds if you want to get straight to the IAS review.

Airsoftology Radio #40: “Tactical Diaper Bag” from Airsoftology on Vimeo.

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