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Essentials Carrier 2 (EC2)

The second version of our Essentials Carrier line. Still ultra light-weight. Now, packed with even more features.
MagRack 5

A light weight 5.56mm ammo carrying solution. Provisions for 3 STANAG magazines and 2 ‘wings’ of laser cut PALSsections for MOLLE pouch attachment.
Gibborim Plate Carrier™ – Medium
designed as a high mobility armor plate carrier. Perfect for confined interior spaces such as vehicles. Internal strap adjustment leave less to get hung up or caught on.
MeFak™ Mission Essential First Aid Kit

A tear-away individual trauma pouch. Mounts directly to PALS/MOLLE compatible surface.
™ (Small and Large)
Adds a 3×3 PALS/MOLLE grid to most industry chestrigs without wasting space at the interface point.
™ – Enhanced
Padded straps that interface with many industry backpacks that utilize a 1.5″ webbing lockup to connect. Based on our RackStraps-Enhanced product.

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Mission Spec Development Principles:
1. Function over form.
2. Solve a problem or create an option.
3. Design, test, and manufacture in the United States with US sourced components.



Due to the massive increase in sales the entire industry has seen Mission Spec items are currently on a ~30-45 day lead-time from the time of purchase.