Essentials Only Carrier (EOC)
An extremely light weight option that offers the user [up to] level IV rifle rated armor protection (armor not included). Concealable and adjustable.
  Shoulder Savers
Shoulder Savers mkII
The second generation shoulder pad developed for the Mission Spec EOC. Fits most plate carriers. Moisture wicking, closed cell foam, cable management.
Irene Adaptive Sling
Irene Adaptive Sling (IAS)
A one to two-point adaptive sling for your carbine length weapon. Offers full range of motion as a one-point sling then completely cinches rifle to users back.
  Mission Spec Two Point Sling
Mission Spec Two Point Sling (M2P)
Primarily a two-point adaptive sling to fit several mission profiles. Three carry positions greatly increases the usability of the M2P.

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Mission Spec Development Principles:
1. Function over form.
2. Solve a problems or create an option.
3. Design, test, manufacture in the United Sates with US sourced components.